Made a functioning solution to change /json output, but not accepted by FCC

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I made a functioning solution, but because it doesn’t “tell the GET /json route handler” to “transform” the solution (i instead used a variable which i change using a conditional) it isnt acepted. What does it mean to “tell the Get route handler to transform the message”. I tried adressing the variable the get route handler is under (in my code, this would be messageSender) but that didn’t work.

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Challenge: Use the .env File

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The route handler is the anonymous function here:

app.get("/json", () => { ... here ... })

Maybe it’s saying you need to handle the transform inside that function. Your current solution has “holder” in the main scope block then passes it down to the function.

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Thanks yet again for steering me in the right direction! I was very stuck and frustrated but I understand what they mean more now. Would’ve taken me way too long without ya.

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