Made my first portfolio page ! [PROBLEM]

Checkout my portfolio please ! And post your opinions :slight_smile:

The problem is I the elements are getting jumbled on different resolutions.

It’ll be really great if someone could review my code and share what all things I did wrong.


First off you don’t need fontawesome in your script when your use codepen.

I was trying to add the instagram icon and it didn’t appear unless I added that .

You also don’t heed to use <body>

Everything inside your HTML editor is assumed to be within a <body> tag.

Go into the CSS settings and add fontawesome there.
Just start typing fontawesome and it should come up.

Edit: you should still be able to use the instagram icon after placing fontawesome in the CSS setting.

You should do the same for <link>.
Place these as they are in the HTML settings.
Never place these tags within the body they always go bstween the <head></head> and in codepen it resides in the HTML settings.

Try using the bootstrap nav option instead.
Here’s the website that should be a lot of help.

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Your project looks good.But you need to do slight changes with the navigation bar.Try making it sticky on scroll . Use the nav property of Bootstrap and some jquery.

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