Made my own interactive fiction game

I made an interactive fiction game out of HTML, CSS, and JS.

@JacksonBates told me about Inform, but the syntax was just too crazy so I decided to make one out of a language I knew well.

If you haven’t played one of these before, type “help” in the command box and press enter.

Enjoy your game. Also, tell me if there are any bugs you find.


Cool project. Maybe you could add some kind of onboarding process for the navigation and how it is played and a help section for reference …

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I tried to play. There were my first commands, none of which did anything.
check treasure chest
go to table
walk south

Just type “open chest” (not treasure chest). You don’t have to go to the table. Type “use table” (to eat some food on it) and “go south” or “s”.
The game will not accept the commands you used because it will only take two words.

Oh yes. Forgot to mention that typing “help” will show a list of rules.

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Very creative project. Looks like you put a lot of time into it. My first suggestion would be to make the font a lot larger. This is a text game and you want people to read your text. It was way too small a font for my taste.

Thank you for the kind feedback. I kind of agree that it’s too small. I’ll make it bigger.

I still can’t figure out how to make the game work, but I have no experience with this kind of game. So if it works for the people who know all the “insider rules”, cool! But if you want anyone to be able to play, I don’t know those “insider rules” like only two words, what common verbs to use, etc. I couldn’t figure out how to move other than “forward”, even though you gave instructions.

I think you have an amazing imagination. This kind of game looks like it could be really fun.

For moving, type “n” (north), “e” (east), “s” (south), or “w” (west).
To use something like a bed, type “use bed” and hit enter. to attack or break something, type “attack [item]” or “hit [item]”.
To talk to someone, type “talk [person’s position]”.
To eat something that you can see, type “eat [item]”.
To heal yourself, type “eat food”.
To view your stats (how much health you have, how much food you have, etc), type “view stats”.

Make sure you hit the Enter key every time you type in a command. Hope that helps.