Made My Own Project : You want learn CSS Variables? CLICK ME!

CSS Sandbox

Hey. I recently decided to come up with my own project and took a couple days off working on projects for here. I saw a cool video on CSS variables(which I didn’t know existed) , so I designed an app using only vanilla javascript.

Here is the link to CSS SANDBOX
It got way bigger than I anticipated. I would love some feedback on the app itself. There is a help button that should be easy to find. Let me know if you find any bugs or have criticisms or anything really. I have been coding for a month and this is the first complex(by my newbie standards) thing I have made. Thanks.

I also made a few screencasts on You Tube that show me building the app in codepen and explain some of the code I used.

Yours looks great, i like it.

I had the same idea!! Got it from Wes Bos #javascript30, css variables are deadly!!

mine here -
only working in chrome really though.

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