Made my Tribute Page

Started free code camp and finished my tribute page today.
Could you guys rate, give tips, critics and tell me what you think?
Aprecciate it.

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You’ve tried really well my friend. I would like to give just a few suggestions like after the image the text alignment is not correct.
Just try to align it center or make it to extreme left. And also always to use the beauty of colors. Try different combos of colors like use the ‘gradient’ it will allow you to create mix colors and will give nice feel and texture. Your webpage is awesome, keep coding and sharing. There’s a lot more journey ahead.

Hi Eduardo,

Please verify your email address, so we can get a full page view of your work.
I have gone through your work and the color combination of the page is eye catching. Nice work!

However I have noticed following,

  • Image is not responsive (Try using “img -responsive” class).

  • Your “ul” is not properly aligned.

  • Link “To know more” is opening within the same tab.Better if you can arrange to open up a new tab for your link.(Add target="_blank" to your anchor tag.)

Don`t be discouraged from my review. For me, the Tribute Page Challenge was the hardest ( I am sure this is the case for all new campers).

Trust me, with practice this course is getting easier and more interesting.

Good Luck!!!

This is my Tribute Page. Have a look at it when you have time. I hope this will help.

Thanks for the tips guys. I have taken them in consideration and remade the tribute page.Check it out.

Still having trouble with bootstrap though.

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I have to say that the story is amazing!

For design only, I’ll suggest:

  • A little bit bright red title
  • Big Timeline title.
  • Breaks between timeline items
  • Maybe white color in the link item

Hope it helps.