Major noob trying to learn and working on product page project

Hi there,

I am absolutely brand new to html/css and coding, I just started earlier this week and I am struggling to understand simple page layout from the course topics. See my link below and I know there is tons of things I have not done yet but I just want to know why my header is blocking the top of my content and also how to make my logo fit within my top navbar (as shown in the sample page for the project. I have tried many fixes and I am just stumped… I am sure it will be something simple but any guidance would be appreciated. link to my page is here…

Welcome, Andy.

I have moved this post to a more suitable sub-forum. To get you started:

Your header blocks some content, because it is set to position: fixed. This is normal. The cheap way to fix it is to add margin-top: <somevalue> to the element below it (in your case id="updates").

Your logo will be placed on your page the same size as its original format. So, you need to control this by selecting it (in your case #header-img { }), and changing its width and/or height properties.

Hope this helps

Thank you very much. I know it is very basic but I am only days in!