Make clear where to put CDN link

What is your hint or solution suggestion?
Well, when I was trying to get working the test tool in my enviroment, I tried to put it inside the head tags.

I think would be easy for novices, say the script tag must be on the bottom of the body tag, in order to get it work.

Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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Hey there @robertocaribbean! Welcome to the FCC forums!

Actually the <script> tag needs to go right before the <html> tag ends, meaning you place it after the last <body> tag.

However, there are occasions where for some sites to work properly the script needs to be defined at the beginning and in that circumstance, you can place a <script> in the <header> but it’s customary of the Html boilerplate to place it before the ending </html>.

To help you better understand the Html boilerplate here’s a link to an article that really helped me and was recommended by other users from the forum.

Happy coding! :smile:

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I agree, some stuff needs to be redesigned for newbies :+1:

I also agree that the boilerplate should be one of the challenges in the new course, because when I first started out my html was super messy because I never used the boilerplate.

It’s so important for newbies to start off writing quality code because believe me bad habits stick.