Make difficult lvl for certifications

I came up with an idea,
1 star = Beginner.
2 star = Easy.
3 star = Experienced.
4 star = Hard.
5 star = Expert (harder than 4 star).

If you complete the certifications you rank up in lvl.
You start at lvl 1star, then when it’s completed you can do it again but harder (2star).
Last lvl is 5 star.

Hi @amejl172 !

I feel like the new curriculum kind of does this.

You learn different languages and concepts by building projects. No more challenges.

You start off with easier concepts like create an array here or create an object here and then as you progress it becomes more involved and difficult.

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I’m having problem with catching on to the next challenges. I was thinking if they could make lvl 1 of arrays, then lvl2 of arrays. So you learn it more. Also with the other stuff in programming not only arrays.

I think the current lvl freeCodeCamp has now is Medium, if they add lvl Easy and Hard it would be more fun.

Yeah I see your point with the current curriculum.
But I think the new project based curriculum will help ease people into these concepts a little bit smoother.

For example, we have this RPG game.
Each lesson builds off of the previous concepts a little more.

You can see that we keep building out this locations array little by little and it helps with that repetition.

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I can’t find this on freeCodeCamp, is it going to be added?

Eventually. :grinning:

The team is still creating projects and then it needs to be tested.

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That’s good. Will freeCodeCamp add vue lessons also. I’m doing the front end right now but they don’t have vue.

As of right now, I just heard they are adding typescript.


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