Making a prettier GUI on Python program

I’m making this simple health app in Python. I’m using PyQt6 for the GUI. It all works, the data persistence is with SQLite 3. It acts as a CRUD application, but also can create an output file to show your doctor, and can rate whether or not your symptom is getting worse based on whether the average of the last few ratings is better or worse than the average of x ratings before that, without going into too much detail.
I need to make the output prettier, but apart from that, am unhappy with the look of the GUI. I am just terrible at making things look good. Does anyone have any tips on making nice looking GUIs? If you want to look at the source code, it’s here


I do both design and development and came up with a few ideas you can use:

Choose optimistic colors like green and yellow, best center everything, most people will have the app on their phones anyway.

I don’t speak Python, that’s all I can do.

Thanks for the feedback! People won’t be viewing this version on their phones, at the moment it’s desktop only, but I have it planned to turn it into a web app with Flask or Django or something, so will keep this in mind.

Glad to help. The points I made are just as valid for the desktop version.

If you want to make thinks look better work with contrasts like bw and colored fields

Learn to handle colors: Not too many and with purpose. Your app will be used by many people under stress because of their health condition, they will be glad to use an app that has lively colors, even if they aren’t aware of it.

Here are 20 minutes well invested:

Kevin is both designer and developer, one of the best teachers on YouTube.

Thanks! Will have a look now
Sorry it took a while for me to get back to you there, I was at the business end of a couple of assignments and needed to get them done.