Python Health App I just built - I'd really appreciate feedback

Here’s the git repository


The commit is called “please work” because I’m new to git and not very good at it yet! I had a spot of bother cloning the repo with the gitignore file.
The project is currently a console app, but I’m intending to adapt it to a GUI. It uses an SQLite database for data persistence and retrieval. You can record information about symptoms, delete them, fetch the info, and also get feedback on whether a symptom is getting worse or not based on your history of ratings. Everything is in the README. Any feedback on especially structure and efficiency in the code (two things I need to work on) would be great, or anything else. Thank you.

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Hey there, @mimsy.smith ! I suggest you use replit for this so that people don’t have to download it. Just create an account here , If you don’t have one, Replit and create a repl and import from github. By the way , it is very nice but I suggest commenting your code. G’day! :wink:

Ha, I didn’t even think to use Replit, I’ve never uploaded a repo to it before. Good idea! Will definitely add comments too. Thanks!

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Here’s the Replit imported from Github

Replit link

I’ll go work on putting in some meaningful comments now.

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Your Welcome :smiley: ! yeah it makes it readable

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Make sure to push your edits to github/replit! Good Luck!

I’ve added comments - sorry that took a while, I was working on the GUI at the same time and it’s giving me gyp - PySimpleGui is refusing to work, so I can’t test it currently, but I kept the console app part as well.

nice job! why don’t you use Trinket?

Do you mean Tkinter? If so, I have used Tkinter before and it’s a lot clunkier to write, not to mention hard to make look nice. I could change to Tkinter because PySimpleGui is built on top of Tkinter, but I’d really like to see if PSG will work.
If you did mean Trinket, was that instead of Replit? Is there any advantage to that?

No, you can use tkrinket on Replit . BTW, I’m not really into Python (I like javascript better) so maybe you can ask someone else for feedback too!

(Sorry, I don’t know how to spell it :D)

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