Making a snake game

hey im making a snake game and i don’t know what to do for some of these
snake v0.1

please make a comment before you make a change

go ahead and mess with it how you will i don’t care any more.

  • dont see any code in there…

i’m just taking a brake frome coding rn

hey do any of you know a dockerfile that i could use on code sandbox i need to get pygame running so i can make this game

I don’t think CodeSandbox is the best choice for Python. Replit has an official Pygame template.

every time i try to use pygame it gives me a link to there website and i can’t get any thing done and when i try to you there website it says that i have to be invited to be able to make an account so i can’t get anything done with pygame

edit i found out how to use pygame on code sandbox but it does the same thing

I don’t know anything about pygame. Did you try the Replit template? It is literally the first thing that shows up when you type “py” into the new Replit template search box.