Making grocery list

const form = document.querySelector('form');

const formContainer=document.querySelector('#list');
form.addEventListener('submit', function(e){
    const productInput=form.elements.product;
   const qtyInput=form.elements.qty;
   addQty(productInput.value, qtyInput.value);

const addQty= function (product, qty){
    const newName=document.createElement('li');

"solution is incorrect. the grocery list when form is submitted, it should add a new <li> to the <ul>"

how to do it?

Please edit your thread. inert the code here .
Use the preformatted text right to the quotation button.

Is this the ul element?


There is no such thing as a list element so your selector should likely be a class or id. .list or #list, or an element selector ul.

Also, this evpreventDefault(); should be e.preventDefault();

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thanks! I did as you told, but no chanes in result(

Post your new code so we can see what you have. Also, post the HTML as well.

Example with your code and the changes I suggested
<form action="">
  <input type="text" name="product">
  <input type="text" name="qty">

<ul class="list"></ul>
const form = document.querySelector("form");

const formContainer = document.querySelector(".list");
form.addEventListener("submit", function (e) {

  const productInput = form.elements.product;
  const qtyInput = form.elements.qty;
  addQty(productInput.value, qtyInput.value);

const addQty = function (product, qty) {
  const newName = document.createElement("li");
  newName.append(product, qty);


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