Making the page responsive, tools

I want to host a website in the future, so I’ve started off now, and as I learn more, I can add further functionality to the website in the future, I want to deal with the basics as of now. So, in order to make my page responsive, I need to look at the screen pixel size when I’m shrinking my browser, which I am not able to figure out. Could anybody recommend what tools I should use in order to measure the screen pixels?

Chrome has developer tools you can use to see the pixels of your screen as you shrink or extend the page

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  1. Open the developer tools in Chrome by pressing F12

  2. Click the button circled in red in the screenshot

  1. Click the dropdown circled in red and then select “responsive”

  1. Resize away!!
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Thanks @jmoore197 and @dannyjamesfletcher. That was helpful!

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