Making Typography Responsive

I am starting to get the responsive web design techniques. Right now, I am looking for the best responsive method of making the typography in websites easily adopt to the screen size. People have talk about using “vm” to make the typography responsive, while others have said you to just a smaller “px” value for small screen size. other have said to use this property : cal( 1em + 1 vm).
Here is the website :
I am looking for method that automatically adjust to any screen size without having to set media query. What method would you recommend I use.

You use calc to add a very small amount of a viewport unit to the font size (you do not want to just ue viewport units alone). This is the only way, realistically, but it still needs lots of tweaking to get right, there’s no bulletproof solution (it also depends on what the text is, what the layout is, what the font is, the line height, etc etc). It’s not necessarily something that is worth it based on how much of a faff it is, but when you get it right it can look really nice (I’ve done it few times, but it’s normally more trouble than it’s worth).