Manage Packages with npm tutorial out of date

This tutorial is not as described by the video - it seems like Cloud 9 has changed since the tut was created. Some steps in the how-to-npm tut don’t seem to work. I can’t get the dist tags to work and the npm installation seems broken - creating a new dir and putting your own package.json file in seems to break it. Some of it is also too confusing - I had to look at a package.json file from one of my own projects to find where to put the “scripts” tag, and it wasn’t possible to put it just anywhere in the json file so long as it was properly nested - at least in Cloud 9 - which was not explained. I do feel like I got a lot from this tut, but it is out of sync with the Cloud 9 tut to a degree where I wouldn’t have been able to follow at all without already having npm experience.

I believe that the curriculum has been revised and will no longer recommend Cloud 9 or that npm tutorial. The new curriculum is currently in beta and will be released as soon as the team is confident about its quality.

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That’s brilliant thanks!