Managing NPM 1st Challenge with "author"

Hey everyone, I thought writing this post will definitely help for many of those, who will be having the failing case even after going through the instructions (or actually thinking that they are going through them as I thought).

So, after searching through other threads (thanks for all those, I figured out this way myself), here is the clear instruction you need

So, I have used the & Glitch (cloning git and running on my server didn’t work for me) and after passing it on one, I understood it on the other.

If you are using the, below are the instructions of 2 steps in 1 picture. What I believe many people are missing is the step 2. You have to press the open in new tab and allow the website to be run and after that place this URL in the Solution Link for the challenge answer.

If you are using the Glitch, here are the real instructions:

For the Glitch you do almost the same, as shown in the 3 steps below. You create and set up your json as the challenge requests, then you press the share and copy the live site link and as the step3 you just run this url (that you copied in step2) in the new tab. Then you paste it in the Solution Link and here we go with the success to the next challenge

Hope this helps!