Managing Packages with NPM - How to Use package.json, the Core of Any Node.js Project or npm Package

Simple steps to pass this project without stress

  1. Clone the GitHub repo as instructed

  2. Move into the folder cloned folder -boilerplate-npm/

  3. Create a new repo on your GitHub account

  4. Push the contents of boilerplate-npm/ to GitHub (2 folders & 4 files)

  5. Signup/Signup to Glitch

  6. Create a new project at the top left of your Glitch dashboard and select import from GitHub

  7. Project created successfully! You should see the README opened.

    If your own doesn’t look like this, perhaps you missed a step -it will not work. Note: You are to push the contents of boilerplate-npm/ and not boilerplate-npm/ itself

  8. Open package.json on the right pane and edit accordingly

  9. Click on the Share button at the top left of the screen to copy the link Live site

  10. Paste the link on freeCodeCamp, and that is it!

For subsequent projects, edit the code on Glitch and save Ctrl + S. Then copy the link again.

Happy Hacking!