Managing Packages with Npm - How to Use package.json, the Core of Any Node.js Project or npm Package2

I just don’t understand this challenge. I copied and pest the URL its shows either time out an error or author key is missing. where should I add that key because wherever I made changes it throws an error back! however, I copied the answer from the pole and pass the test but still, I don’t understand the steps.

After you have logged into glitch try using the link given at the start again.

It should show a page that says:

Manage Node.js projects and npm packages using package.json

Part 1 of Free Code Camp Backend Challenges

nah not working same error

Are you on the correct page? It should say importing from GitHub and then success. Your project should look like this (author added). The Glitch page should not have any errors.

You need to submit the page (click the Show button and copy the page URL). If you still get errors, try using a GitHub login for Glitch instead of Google.

alright it worked as butter on hot stove…thanks mate, the problem was in glitch log in. i shifted my id to github vola!!!

i logged in throw github and shared the live app and still not working