Managing Packages with NPM - package.json - Unable to pass test. Test timed out

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I have completed the very simple task of putting my name as “author” in the package.json file. I am using the live repl link to run the test, but the test times out. I have been unable to get past this error. My internet is ~150mbps both down and up.

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Challenge: How to Use package.json, the Core of Any Node.js Project or npm Package

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are you submitting the live app link?

Welcome there,

This looks like a problem with Replit - they had problems yesterday

Basically, until your live app loads, the tests will timeout.

Hope this clarifies

Unless it’s still having problems, I think the problem must be something else. I’m still unable to pass the verification on this project.

It started to work again for some at least. But your replit still is not loading in the full page view.

I can pass the test if I use the iframe URL, but I’m not sure how the unique string is generated so you might have to inspect the page and get it yourself.

Edit: Did you try the iframe URL? Otherwise, you can run the code and then right-click the preview window and select inspect. Then look for the preview iframe and copy the src URL.

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Hi @mlaboone !

Welcome to the forum!

If you are still having issues a few people have had luck with this solution.

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That solved it!! Thanks @jwilkins.oboe .

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