Manjaro linux is the best distro I've ever used

I switched to linux permanently for about a year now. After trying a few different distros I settled on Ubuntu.

I liked being able to do things in just a few seconds that would take me nearly a minute or more of clicking. The problem with Ubuntu was that just watching a video and browsing websites while trying to run vscode had my memory usage at over 90%. My 8±year-old laptop was working so hard the fans sounded like a jet at all times. My temps were always high af.

Now I’m using manjaro and while I’m writing this, I’m playing a youtube video, running vscode, 5+ tabs of docs and running my testing suite in watch mode and my memory is only at about 86% and I can bearly hear my fans.

It’s super easy to use and I haven’t found any weird bugs so far.

Check it out here. They have all the popular desktop environments that you can choose from.