Map Filtering - ERROR Image

Hi There!
I am studying react from the official website and doing some exercise. In the specific, I am learning the mapping and filtering method here.!

I have copied and pasted the code in VS Code - It works but I keep getting an error loading the images from Imgur.
You can see Codesnadbox

See the screenshot.

Could someone helps me to figure out how to fix the issue?

Thank you

P.S. I am a newbie developer :slight_smile:

I see the images just fine. Did you figure out the problem?

imgur typically does not allow hot-linking images if it is used on a website. When you get 403 errors, that means forbidden access. You can post the images on a forum though via a hot-link.

That being said, I am able to see the images on the codesandbox site.

Why codesandbox works?
Thank you for the help.

I am confused. I thought you said it did not work with codesandbox.