Markdown can't pass test 4

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#preview’s only children should be those rendered by marked.js : expected '<p></p>’ to equal “”

<div id='preview'>
  <p dangerouslySetInnerHTML = {{
    __html: marked(this.state.input)

Remove the p element and just have dangerouslySetInnerHTML on the #preview div.

sorry, the question was in the title of the post " Markdown can’t pass test 4" and the question was supposed to be “why”

when i put <p></p> in my markdwon screen, it comes up with the exact same result as the sample code provided in the test case. not sure why mine is not passing… nevertheless, neither of them end up with ‘’ instead theres a break between them…

is what it looks like

@lasjorg that did the trick! thanks !

That would be a great amount of detail to actually put in the post.

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Thanks Jeremy i’ll do better next time.
Thanks J… i’ll remember that!

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