Markdown preview project can´t pass test #4

My project is in here
And I pass the required test minus the #4 for github flavored markdown.
I’m using react-markdown link for the project and the plugin remarkGfm for github flavored markdown, and when I type in #editor it seems to work just fine, however I cannot pass that specific test. And I’m a bit clueless as the reason for that. The plugin seems to work fine.

The preview id ends up on the wrong element and it can’t be passed down as a prop. If you use the syntax shown in the custom component example it will work.

For the breaks you can use.

Thanks, I’ll look into it and work it out. :crossed_fingers:

After some time I tried using marked as recommended on the challenge and the syntax proved to be simpler for my level so it works now, thanks for the help, it was thanks to the options you gave me that I ended up finding a solution in which you helped as well!

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