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Hello guys I have been working on this for a while but I just don’t seem to pass 5 and 6 and the wierd thing is that what they are asking is there but it is just not passing.

here is the link My work So far

  1. When my markdown previewer first loads, the default text in the #editor field should contain valid markdown that represents at least one of each of the following elements: a header (H1 size), a sub header (H2 size), a link, inline code, a code block, a list item, a blockquote, an image, and bolded text

  2. When my markdown previewer first loads, the default markdown in the #editor field should be rendered as HTML in the #preview element

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Challenge: Build a Markdown Previewer

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Hi @Jose_Elias_Sanchez !

The test doesn’t seem to like your use of multiline code block.

Try rewriting it like this and it should pass.

<div></div> //this is a Code Block
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that was issue I am really thanksful with you because I would never guess that one specially since there is no mention of a multiline code block.

thanks @ jwilkins.oboe


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