Markdown Previewer Project JF

Hello everyone!

Here is my Markdown Previewer project, and I really like to receive a feedback from you all!

Note: I apologize if I made some English mistake on the project. I am not from an English speaker country. I am Brazilian :brazil:

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Hey @julio-pinheiroo. Your markdown previewer looks decent and pretty (but I don’t know what it does). But, you did not pass all the tests!
Anyway, very good and best of luck on your next project.

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Your previewer looks good @julio-pinheiroo. I use markdown a lot.
The only thing I don’t like is the font size for inline and multiline code being so small.
The previewers that I’ve used (in my IDE and in GitHub) show those codes monospace like you did but the same font size. They also add a background color to off-set. (Maybe not necessary but just mentioning)

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HI @paulsonstech!

Thank you for the complement! I am glad that you liked it :smiley:

You can learn more about Markdown here:

About it, you are right, but the last one was an optional test, and I decided to don’t do it :sweat_smile:

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Wow. That link was so much helpful! Markdowns are wonderful!

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Hi @Roma!

I am glad that you liked my project :grin:

I added bouth changes to my project!

Thank you for your comment!