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Pretty dumb question here…

But I did my Markdown Previewer project in VScode, because I couldn’t get the FCC cdn for project testing to work in Stackblitz.

Anyway, I’ve completed it and it passed all the tests… But now how do I share a URL to submit it as completed for the challenge, if I completed it in VScode?? Is uploading it to a repository on github, and then sharing a link to that the only way?

Congrats on finishing that markdown preview! I just did it myself.

In github, you should have a way to send a static link of a page, I think most github projects it is an option to enable ‘pages’
GitHub Pages

Put a link of your github project here, maybe it would be easier to just copy the content to codepen.

I had issues with the markdown library loading in codepen, but I ended up using react and some plugins.

-Happy Coding :man_technologist:

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