Markdown Previewer

Greetings everyone. I created my markdown previewer using react in VS Code. I have the link in my html and can see I pass all of the tests. What I can’t figure out is how to import the URL into the solution link for the project. It keeps telling me it needs to be a publicly visible app URL. I am uncertain as to how to make that happen

You need to host the code online somewhere. You could use netlify or GitHub Pages or paste your code into CodePen.
I used CodePen for all of these projects, not that it’s necessarily the best option.

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I have a gitHub account, I just have no idea how to use it or put the project there

You’ll need to learn about GitHub at some point (though not necessarily right now).
The FCC Curriculum suggests that you use CodePen for these projects, so maybe just go with that for now, as it’s pretty straightforward?

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