Marked.js not rendering block quotes, bulletted lists, tables, line breaks properly

Hi folks,

Been working on the front-end projects for a few days - my Markdown previewer actually passes all the tests (including the optional line breaks test) but it doesn’t render the markdown correctly, and I can’t figure out why

Here is the project:

Specific things ive noticed

  • it doesn’t change block quotes at all
  • it won’t render tables
  • it changes the bullet point style for sub-items of bulleted lists, but doesnt indent
  • it doesn’t render line breaks, although I have set that option and passed the relevant optional test

It feels great to have passed the tests but I’d love to fix these rendering problems too, I’d appreciate any advice you have about what steps to take!

After consulting with a friend I realised block quotes, tables, and code blocks are css issues and I’ve fixed them. Still working on bullet points and line breaks.

And I also sorted out the css for the bulleted lists - still very curious about why marked.js isnt rendering line breaks - or alternately if there is a remaining css issue im missing.