Match fonts between different elements of Tribute Page exercise

I’m looking to match the font of a sentence at the end of the page to the font in my lists. I’ve attempted to resize and bold the letters, but they are still slightly different. Is there a way to find out what modifications I need to make?

Thank you


your issue is because all your text is raw in a list item and then your last paragraph is h4.

Using dev tools on chrome i clicked the li element and got the font settings from the css.

font-family:"Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;

your solution would be to -

a. Apply the above rules to your last paragraph. This is a hack.

b. Wrap your li text in paragraph element : like so…<li><p>....</p></li> and also ditch the h4 for your last paragraph and wrap that in <p> tags too. This is probably the correct way with quite long list items like yours.

c. style your li in css to look the same as paragraph text in your last paragraph.

As a side note, the h elements are not intended to size paragraph text. they are headings and subheadings with h1 being the main headline.

Hope that helps


remove 'heading 4 and instead use paragraph

Thank you both for your help! That makes sense. I thought it was odd to use a heading element for a sentence. I didn’t ask the right question to direct me away from doing it though.