Material Design Pomodoro Clock

Hello guys, just finished my pomodoro clock. Have a look and let me know what you think. All feedback is appreciated, thanks in advance. You’re great :smile:

Found it! Looks really nice. I like the effects you added like the ripple effect on the button and that progress bar. I wanted to implement those in my pomodoro clock too but playing with that stop button distracted me :joy_cat:

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I found a small error if you set the time to be 60 minutes…

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Thanks a lot. You should check out materializecss it’s an awesome library. It’s like material design, but for the web

Thanks a lot. I’ve sorted it out now. Please report any more you find.

Thanks for sharing! There is so much stuff to learn

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Indeed there is. Programming is an ever changing process so we never stop learning. So we’re around the same stage huh? Tic Tac Toe? Maybe we could pair program sometime.

Yup, I’m working on the tic tac toe one.

The pair programming offer sounds great but for another project/challenge. Right now I’m trying to see if m capable of completing these by myself :smiley_cat:

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