Material UI Slider conditional logic

Hello all,

I am trying to build a music app with React and Material UI. I have a Slider component to help control volume. After the volume gets over 80 I want it to display a notification to the user saying that listening to music at a high volume can cause hearing loss. I have the input from the Slider component stores in this.state.value.

The problem I have though is when I track the onChange event in the console it gives me a ton of different numbers for the MouseEvent. Like screenX, screenY, clientX, and clientY to name a few. I’m not entirely sure which one of these properties I need to grab and use in my conditional logic. I was wondering if someone with experience in Material UI Slider components could help me out. I can post code to give a clearer picture once I’m back at my computer if y’all need it. Thanks.

Looking at the first examples in the docs can you not just look at the value pass to the handler?

const handleChange = (event, newValue) => {