React.js , volume-slider

my volume slider is fixed and don’t slide , i want the volume display change as i drag the slider can u help me
class Padbank extends React.Component {
this.state = {
volumeVal: 0.4

handleVolume = (e) => {
render() {

Volume: {Math.round(this.state.volumeVal*100)}%

Couple things to notice here.

This won’t work because you have no switch property in your state.

This won’t work. You can’t return a JS object inside JSX.

I would find try to make a slider using html and css first. Then I would integrate inside of react and hook it up like regular input boxes. There are plenty of resources out there on how to do this.

Good luck!

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omg , it’s a “this.props.switch” because it’s from other component, i feel so stupid xD ty so much everything is fine now <3