MCSA: Web Applications - worth getting?

Hi campers,

I am just curious if this certification is worth getting on top of learning stuff from freecodecamp. I have noticed that bunch of jobs are requiring this certification so I am just curious what your opinion is about this.

Don’t pay for certifications yourself unless you are really, really, really, definitely sure it will secure you a job. Generally MS certs are likely be helpful to you personally if you want to be a .Net developer, the training materials are quite good, it kinda shows you’re serious about it, takes some effort, etc. But. MS sells the training to enterprise, so if you’re a company with hundreds of programmers you can test certain of them and a. get a very rough estimation of what those programmers level is, but more usefully b. allow a sales team to go to a client and say we have x MS-certified programmers of level y so we can justify charging $z