Mean-Variance-Standard Deviation Calculator

i need to help i can’t run it


Configuring the RUN button

set the language to “bash”
put this in the run command: python

The run command runs the command in the input box in the language specified. So this would run the command in bash, running the python file.

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thank you for your help but it’s always the same thing I can’t execute the function

you dont have a

run = "python"

Open the shell and type in the : python

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As @zaklina says, it should be python

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thank you for your help but what I did not understand is that the code passes normal on spyder but on Replit no

Can you link to your replit please?

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of course

It’s not working, because you aren’t running anything. When you hit “run” it doesn’t run

Replace Line 6 with Line 1 here. Leave just one run =

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Follow these instructions:

It should look like this in the end:

entrypoint = ""
modules = ["python-3.10:v18-20230807-322e88b"]

hidden = [".pythonlibs"]
run = "python3"
channel = "stable-23_05"

run = ["sh", "-c", "run command"]
deploymentTarget = "cloudrun"
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