Medellin introduction thread

Hi Everyone! :wave:

I’m so excited to be here! I’m sure you are too. Can we e-meet :wave: ? Introduce ourselves to each other. I’d love to start getting to know all of you better!

I’ll start.

I’m Monica, my bachelor degree is in psychology but since I left college I realized how much I liked analyze human behavior through statistics, when I read about big data for the first time, I decided to learn more about the subject and started a specialization in the area, then I realized that I have to learn how programming in order to achieve more academical goals. And here I am, starting this journal.

now, it´s your turn :slight_smile:


Hola, soy Alejo. Soy diseñador gráfico y desarrollador Frontend. Mi sitio web es:

Hi there,

I’m Arturo, originally from Venezuela but currently living in Barcelona, Spain.

I used to work in the Aerospace industries but curretnly working into changing career, it hasn’t been easy and that’s why I’m looking for any community to receive and provide support, tips and recommendations mostly into getting my first job as a front developer.

Ps: @chicoesqueleto, me encanta tu sitio! Ojala algun dia pueda llegar a crear algo como eso, exitos! :grinning:

Hi :wave:

My name is Nasredine from algeria :algeria:
I’m currently studying at a university , studying Computer Science (CS)

Hello !!
My name is Adrian, born in Romania, moved in UK at age of 18.
Currently holding position of Section Leader in a warehouse, but I am thinking of a career change and try and get myself into programming. I enjoy learning to program and I believe that if you enjoy something, why not make it your career :smiley: (hopefully will get there). I am also going the self-taught route so it will take longer for me.

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HI. I’m Christian from Medellín, Colombia. I’m learning by myself thru this media