Searching for a study group

Hello everyone!
I want to learn front end development, but I’m having trouble with motivation. I am looking for people to work with. If interested join my discord server:

Mod edit: PM for discord server

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I edited your post so people can PM you for the server.

i’d be interested in joining! i just started mine own, but happy to switch onto yours since mine is super basic. how do i PM you?

If you want to message a user in this thread you can simply click on their picture and you will see this. I used you as an example, but after you click on their picture you will see

You can select the message button to start sending them a message, and if by chance you want to message someone not in this thread you can go to your profile and you will see the message icon. You can start making message there as well

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Hi A,
I am learning Python and SQL right now.
If that interests you let me know.

Python is cool. I have a concept for a game if anyone wants to discuss this. I’m going to chuck something together eventually, some of it will be stolen code from tutorials which I will simplify for my own purposes.

There was a time about 6 years ago when I couldn’t afford to play most games. Now I have Game Pass and I play lots of indie and retro games. It really opened my mind. PM me if you’re a gamer and you play a wide variety of genres.

I don’t see the option to PM. Could you try to PM me the discord?

Eu também sou autodidata, eu comecei no camp com o intuito de criar um joguinho merge com recompensas