Media Query not being recognized by test in Chrome

When load my Tribute page in Chrome the test widget doesn’t register that I have a media query in my css file. If I cut and paste my code into CodePen the widget gives me a pass. If I load the example code into Chrome it passes all the tests but the media query. This is a Chrome thing. Any ideas?


@Gnasch1972 we need to see your code. Can you post a link to your Codepen?

This isn’t really a code thing. It passes in CodePen. Just not in Chrome.

But here you go:


Lots of anomalies pass in codepen. We don’t know for which condition is tested. We assume it looks for the media query declaration. What if it checks for max-width as well? Did you notice that even on full screen on a large monitor the font size is still 10px not 20px? You used min-width.

@media (min-width: 350px) {
  body {
	  font-size: 10px;

For widths less than 350px. the font size is 20px. Over 350px. it decreases to 10px.