Media query not working in css

I swear, learning web development is so stressful. Kindly check my mistake-

Ummm… it works good…

But delete only screen and from @media.

please dont tell me its not a hardware issue. Coz its not working in mine.

Hi, can you descibe what you are trying to acheive?
Is it having a responsive sidebar?
Or is it having the sidebar aligned with the content side by side such that it doesnt overlap it?

No… he said that @media doesn’t work…

@nikhilsimontoppo try to stop all extensions like AdBlocker, DarkTheme, etc., etc.

I see.

If thats so, you must change the css as @stefan2007octavian said and to test it .

  1. Change the layout

Click this icon and change it.
This is assuming that you are using the default layout.

  1. Drag the part which outputs the result and make it smaller, you will notice it changing colour.

Alternative solution:-
You can also resize the html page and notice the difference

I got it!!!
Actually i didnt put px after number…lol

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