Medical Data Visualizer heatmap values issue

I have looked through all the topics regarding this project on the forum(took few nights) and nothing seems to fix the test_heat_map_values test.
I checked my cleaning of data hundreds of times, tried changing Matplotlib version, changed formatting of sns.heatmap, but nothing seems to work.
Desperately, I even looked at the solutions some people posted, but I can’t find how my code is different.
If anyone could take a look and enlighten me, I would extremely appreciate it. I was so frustrated I finished the next too projects to come back to this one with clear head, but I feel like I am hitting my head on the wall.

Here is the link to my

Thank you in advance!

Is there any specific reason why you are using matplotlib 3.2.2 in the project? There are some differences in the results between matplotlib prior to 3.3.0 version, I believe, and more recent versions.

Updating matplotlib should fix the problem. I can be done by running in the shell console:

poetry update matplotlib

Then run the project once again and all tests should pass.

Thank you so much!
I was checking what other people wrote about that issue and some people said they fixed the same problem by manually changing Matplotlib to lower version. I must have fixed my code to correct one after trying this, but didn’t think to revert to newest Matplotlib.
I will definitely remember it now, though.

Really, cheers to you - I can finally move on!

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