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It seems like the already written code is too heavy for free server to handle, it freezes on “resolving dependencies” with 100% CPU usage.

I was thinking that maybe if I extract the code to, or google colab or to my own computer PyCharm to do the project but even if I finish I won’t be able to run it on replit and won’t be able to advance to the next project.

What should I do?

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Challenge: Medical Data Visualizer

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Yeah it’s using 100% of the CPU - so what? That means it’s doing something.
Replit is a free hosting platform for your code, so it’s highly limiting the resources you get. That just means you have a wait a minute or so.

If you don’t get an error, it’s innitializing a session in which the updated dependencies stay updated for as long as you are on the page. Thus after the first run, it should work a lot faster.

Ofcourse you can also just download the files and work locally, if you don’t like to wait. Later on you gotta upload it to replit it again though to include the link of the finished project.

Thanks for the response.

It seems the wait is a lot longer when console is installing and importing all the packages, like 10 minutes or so, as soon that chore ends the console runs almost smoothly.

I think this project has a line somewhere telling matplotlib to show one of the generated images which in turn causes to launch its in browser X server and window manager too (which is super slow). I’ve always just waited, but you might want to find and comment that line to see if it helps.

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