Medical Data Visualizer - signal: killed executing test module

I have written code and saw that images were formed as asked, but executing test I see that execution stop by signal after three passed test. I have uploaded solution with an error, now I have corrected (is the sns.catplot problem, solved by adding .fig at the end of command to retrieve a figure instead a FacedGrid object).

When I solved the error (reading in forum) I see the signal: killed problem (hiding behind the previous error, I think). I can’t figure out how to inspect this problem and find a solution.

My solution code is here:

Challenge: Medical Data Visualizer

Link to the challenge:

I’ve realized that if I run python via shell instead of the run button the tests finish without any signal: error problems.

I can’t replicate the error again. I realize this is weird but now the tests all end successfully. I’m sure I’ve seen signal: killed several times but reloading the repl doesn’t happen anymore…

Solved by suggest from Jagaya in another post.

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