Page View Time Series Visualizer - signal: killed after 9 tests

I’ve coded a solution and see images with correct graphs, but when I execute the test module pass 9 tests then throw signal: killed (as my medical data visualizer).

Can someone suggest me how I can track this errors and solve them, please?

My code is here

P.S.: Now the signal: killed happens after 10 tests, I didn’t change code, and in the medical data visualizer project don’t happen anymore… I’m really confused…

A usual issue with this task is that the system runs out of memory.
Closing other programs that might use memory (like Jupyter Notebooks) as well as reducing the size of the graphs might help.

You’re absolutely right. My system had not run out of memory (16 Gb) however it had probably reached the limit for the browser, opening only the replit tab did not happen to me anymore.
Thank you very much.

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