Fcc-time-series-visualize Repl.it keep crashing


Not sure if anymore experiencing this issue -

…repl process died unexpectedly: signal: killed .

The issue remains the same even after I fork the original repo. The project works if I run it locally. The test module passed the 11 tests with no issue.

Btw, I have to add the description to the [tool.poetry] session as this was missing.

Here is the link to my project [https://repl.it/@YijieWang2/fcc-time-series-visualizer#time_series_visualizer.py]


Could you please post a link to the repl that you are referring to? Thanks

Thank you JeremyLT. I just updated the link.

Managed to pass the test by commenting out the following 3 function calls. I believe the error was cause by the system runs out of memory, and has to kill the program. repl.it only gives 200MB of RAM for the free account.

# time_series_visualizer.draw_line_plot()
# time_series_visualizer.draw_bar_plot()
# time_series_visualizer.draw_box_plot()