Medium of Learning

Am I the only person not learning to code through video tutorial?
Share me your experience of how far you’ve reach right now learning through articles, reading-tutorial websites, or documentation or maybe. For me I always felt like I don’t like watching tutorial so much I but yeah I do watch videos just to see how they make projects.

the freeCodeCamp curriculum, other than the part in early access that is being worked on, is an interactive curriculum where you learn by writing your own code

You definitely will not learn much if all you are doing is just dictating code written by someone else. That is like trying to become a writer by looking at someone writing a book.

You would learn something if you saw the actual writing process they go through, but that is rarely the case with video tutorials, that’s more like watching someone bake a cake by following a recipe.

But you can learn from videos just like any other medium.


Start with videos, pausing and writing the code manually (avoid copy and paste repeated parts), google at any doubt, and read carefully. After a long time doing that, read someone else’s code, from frameworks or other turstworthy source.

You won’t really learn a lot by duplicating code you see in videos. But that was already said. I don’t see a great need to revive a 5 month old thread.