What is the most effective way of learning from a video tutorial?

How do you guys learn from video tutorials? I have tried many ways, none of which seem to be effective. I forget things pretty easily

just watch , multiple times if necessary.

dont try to code along the first time. you will get distracted. just watch and listen

dont try to learn everything at once. learn concepts in very small chunks


I agree with this advice. Im taking a Udemy course and it is just not sticking, for want of a better term. This is why I came to freecodecamp, which is ‘sticking’. I/some people simply might not be video learners. I have accepted that … Also, the two video courses I am taking now, recommend the Atom program for coding. It is a fantastic piece of software, for sure, but for me, that fact that it does all the work for you, was detrimental. I think beginners should learn to type code and look for syntax errors, etc …

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I can tell you my way of going about video tutorials.
I watch the whole thing without coding.
The second time I code along, and after that I try to make a project with the new tools/skills/knowledge and use the tutorial as a reference if something was not working or I had forgot a concept.


Great advice! I found out the hard way one-watch; code-a-long is a waste of time for me. So twice and then take time to create something that will ingrain the newly learnt knowledge makes total sense. For me, its all about retention, this address’s that :v: :slightly_smiling_face:

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I very rarely use video tutorials. I don’t like them for a number of reasons, but that’s neither here nor there. When I do use a video, it is often a long one with several lessons in it. As others have said, I don’t try to code along with the video. Doing so becomes simple transcription that bypasses my brain - I’m just typing what I see (or hear) instead of thinking about what I need to write and then writing it. I tend to watch the whole section, pause the video, and then write the code for that lesson. This requires me to recall what I was told, forming better memory, and (because I won’t perfectly remember everything) to actually think about it and fill in the gaps myself.


@ArielLeslie @alkapwn3d @lwmason @KristianFriis thank you for the advice and suggestions.