How do you use video courses?

Quick question: how do you use video courses? Particularly those where you’re just watching the instructor code a sample project.

For example, I’ve been going through some Udemy courses (right now the Stephen Grider one on React) and I’ve kind of settled into basically just watching them without trying to code myself.

At first I tried copying the code while watching the videos, but I couldn’t really absorb what the instructor said at the same time.

Then I tried pausing and rewatching to update code as I watched, but this felt really monotonous and like it wasn’t really worth the additional effort.

Right now I feel like I might just watch the course and then use the completed project code as a frame of reference when working on other projects. Watching the videos is giving me some base information for the code and then I at least have something to work off of instead of just googling with no previous experience.

What do you think is the best way?

Actually I realized right after posting this that maybe I just need a course that has exercises and practice built in.

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I likes courses with Exercises and practices.But in case they don’t have one, I will always have a small project that I will implement along each video w.(i.e I will keep building and improving it as the lesson progressed)

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I realized the same. I started with video-based courses, and they were okay for absorbing coding concept intros, but I wasn’t able to put the lessons into practice. It didn’t click for me from watching videos. But then I found Code Academy and Free Code Camp, and yeah, with the built-in practice in IDEs it’s clicking much better.

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Type it out. Rewind the video if you need to hear the explanation again. I think this works best because if you make typos, you will find fixing them will be a good experience.


Yep type it out.

I also start to guess the next steps and code ahead. Making mistakes and understanding why they were corrected is excellent for learning.

Andrew Mead’s React course on Udemy has challenges built in too. I.e, he shows a concept but gets you to do it again in another part of the app. It’s pretty good.

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Yeah, I had a similar experience when I found fCC. The incremental practice in the IDE made me want to keep just doing one more exercise, and then one more exercise, until I finished the front end cert.

But I’ve been in a bit of a rut since then because things feel more complicated and I haven’t found a good course that takes such an incremental approach. Just started the Tyler McGinnis react course though and it seems promising!

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Cool thanks for the rec! Will check it out.

My recommendation would be to type out everything as you go through a course. After you finish the course, try to implement some/all of what you learning in another project. I think taking what you learned in the course and using it to build something new and different is the best way to really internalize the content.

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