Meet new people! (Thread)

Not sure if one ever started a thread like that but this thread is intended with bargain on your friendliness and general willingness to meet someone else. Keep it decent and don’t really let the thread get off :slight_smile:. That implies you not to be creep or anything. Keep it civil!

I’ll start. I am currently doing back-end development and by that I mean that I learnt how to code in JavaScript already but I am also learning how to do it in Java, manage Node.Js and databases, and as well, how to get them optimised.

I speak Russian, English and a little of Spanish but I want to learn Norwegian, Scandinavian languages and French. Let’s get to know each other somehow, haha.

Hello and welcome to the freeCodeCamp forum! We hope you find some great discussion here. While we love to hear from all of our new campers, the number of people who join every day means that a new thread for each camper would crowd out all of the other topics. Because of this, we’re going to unlist your topic so it won’t show up in the main feed. Please feel free to post a new introduction in the main Welcome Thread, though!

This doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong or are in trouble, we just need to keep this place clean :thumbsup: