Meet the Node console

For the Meet the Node console challenge, what file should I use to send messages to the console? I’ve used the html file, the server.js file, and creates my own .js file, and although all of them send “Hello World” to the console my app still isn’t verifying.

Nvm, cloned the wrong repo

I also have the same problem, the test completes but won’t verify.

I am having the exact same problem. Did you have any solution to this in the end? I can literally see ‘Hello World’ in the developer tools console.

I am planning to try the solution on my MAC on SAFARI some people advised to reset your browser cache but I can’t so I have to do it with my other rig.

I reset my browser cache - no difference. Let me know if you have any luck. I’m using my chromebook - maybe it’s a browser compatibility issue. I have also used my Heroku hosting account as well with the same bug.

You will need to change the source file - update the server.js file.

  • add a console log command to print the message.
    e.g. console.log (‘hello message goes here’);

Hey Can You provide me your project link please that will be more helpfull.
Thanks in advance