Menu toggle button outside of <nav> element

Accessibility question. I have read many places that you shouldn’t put a button which toggles visibility of a site’s navigation menu outside of the <nav> itself, because screen readers will not be able to find it. However, I’m wondering if it’s OK on a site where the <ul> that houses the nav items is never hidden from screen readers in the first place. At most, it’s positioned off-screen with left: -9999px . If screen readers can always access the menu itself, they shouldn’t need to locate the toggle button, right?

Here is a pen of the type of nav I am trying to create

Thanks in advance for any guidance!

Yep, that’s fine, because the screen reader doesn’t care about visual layout, it only cares about the order & structure of the HTML. You can also add a role="presentation" attribute to the button to tell the screen reader that’s it’s not for them.

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Thanks so much! Kept searching around and couldn’t find concrete answer

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