MERN Exercise Tracker Deploy Problem

Hi, I am following the MERN exercise tracker tutorial from the YouTube channel. I have got it all to work but the video does not teach how to deploy to heroku. I looked for more information and was able to deploy it to heroku but the problem is that it shows the frontend but it does not connect to the server. I think it may be because the routing only uses local addresses not the one provided by heroku. Could someone let me know if this could be the problem or if it is likely something else? Has anyone tried deploying this app themselves?

Hello and welcome to the forum :partying_face:!

Could You share Your code to see if there are problems with it?

Besides that, is the server running? Could You tell? Were there any errors while deploying?

You can see the logs of Your app if You download the Heroku CLI. Once You have it installed, run:

 # This will ask You to press any key to open a browser; do it and allow the login
heroku auth:login

# After logging in
heroku logs -a your_app_name

# Where your_app_name is the name of the heroku app.